There is a retrofit project for every home and every budget.

Retrofitting is an exciting way to decrease the energy and water consumption of old homes. Projects include upgrading to LED lighting, installing solar panels, installing or increasing insulation, sealing gaps, stopping draughts, fitting double or triple glazing to windows and doors, installing water tanks, fitting solar hot water systems, adding external screens for shade, improving ventilation, creating native or edible gardens and much, much more.

Reno & Retro can provide advice on what would best suit you, your home and budget.


IMG_2573We love insulation! When installed correctly, it instantly provides comfort and energy efficiency to the home. This one is made from recycled glass!


IMG_2135If your home has halogen lights, they probably contribute to about 11% of your energy bill. Replacing them with LED or CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) will instantly start to save you money. Plus, they don’t heat up and add to your cooling loads in summer.


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Heating & Cooling

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Solar Power

IMG_4442Through summer and winter, these six panels provide more electricity than the family of four use. That means no electricity bills, ever!

Solar Hot Water

IMG_4435Heating water contributes about 16% of an average energy bill in Australia. A solar hot water unit like this one will dramatically reduce consumption.

Passive Solar

DSCN3830Natural light makes a big difference to any room. By letting the sun light and heat a room, you improve efficiency as well as comfort.